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Pregnancy Costume Idea: A Bun in the Oven

A couple years ago when I was pregnant with my 4 th son, I wanted to enter my works costume contest. I had a hard time fitting into any costume I tried, so I decided to make my own. At work we big boxes that our post op kits come in. (I work at a hospitThani the eye dept). Them my brain took over from there. I figured to can make the box into an oven, and I would wear it and have a bun in the oven. So I wrapped the box in white wrapping paper I had laying around, then black electric tape to Define the edges, used the bottoms of tea light candles and painted them black for the knobs, used styrofoam circle disks pained black for the burners, then used a little measuring cup as a saucepan on the burner with candy in it, then letters that said baking: 10 weeks till cooked, also put a led light isnide so when you open my oven the light goes on, also had a hook on the side with 2 fall pot holders hanging from it.  I did win 1 st place and everyone loved my costume, people came from all over to take pictures. It was so fun and was all made from things around the house.

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