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Coolest Homemade Beerglass Group Costume

We made this homemade beerglass group costume (16x) from wire netting and newspapers glued on to it.

First we made a die to put the wire netting around so it would create the shape of a scaled beerglass. Because the shape is conical the wire netting was easy to remove from the die, so we could make the next one. After we took the wire-netting off of the die we cut holes in them for the arms and head.

After we prepared all the wire netting shapes, we started gluing the newspapers on to them. That was a pretty tough job because we first had to do the top and then had to wait for it to dry before we could do the bottom otherwise it fell off.

After the paper fun we sprayed them with some white and yellow paint to create the realistic looking beer…

We had a lot of fun making this homemade beerglass group costume and won the first price at the party we wore them too.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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  1. It was a hard but fun thing to do, like every year! I don’t remember how many hours we have put into that project, but it was a lot!

    I’m hoping we will win this year with our creation!


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