Coolest Homemade Beerglass Group Costume

Homemade Beerglass Group Costume

We made this homemade beerglass group costume (16x) from wire netting and newspapers glued on to it. First we made a die to put the wire netting around so it would create the shape of a scaled beerglass. Because the shape is conical the wire netting was easy to remove from the die, so we … Read more

Coolest Lego Minifigures Costume

Homemade Lego Minifigures Costume

After winning first place 2 times and 1 time second place with previous costumes, we needed a new idea for this years local “Carnaval”. Searching this site for a while, I found the Lego Minifigures. We decided to build something like that. After carefully measuring a real minifigure and scaling it so it would fit … Read more