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Coolest Homemade Butterball Turkey Baby Costume

I always refer to my son Adan as my butterball, when it came time for his first Halloween I had an epiphany in the frozen foods section. The best part is that you not only get a costume, you also get dinner.

Supplies for this Butterball Turkey Baby Costume: – 1 turkey, 1 tan colored outfit, lighter, foil, turkey baster

1. The turkey- The first step is to purchase a turkey about the same size as your child. Carefully remove the yellow netting from the turkey, do not cut lengthwise. I opened it from the bottom to save the cinched tag at the top to make a hat and to keep it in one piece around (circumference). Wash the label thoroughly, be careful to only use cold/warm water as the plastic may warp in hot water. Cut the tan edges off of the blue label.

2. The hat- Leaving about 5-6 inches of netting close to the cinch, cut the top of the netting off. Fold the bottom edge of the hat a few times to make a brim. It helps to slightly warm up the netting with a lighter to make it easier to fold and keep the correct shape. You may be able to do this with a glue gun also.

3. The roasting pan- Cover the carrier/stroller with foil to make a roasting pan. If your child can walk freely, use a cardboard box covered in foil.

3. The assembly- It’s easier to assemble the costume on the child rather than beforehand. With the child in the tan outfit (or onesie), use double sided tape to attached the blue label (super glue and hot glue will damage the label, trust me). Pull the large yellow netting up over the label and onesie. For short babies you may have to cut some of the edge of the netting off so it doesn’t irritate their legs. Put on white socks and tagged hat and you’re ready to go. Give him a turkey baster for the added touch of flare.

Homemade Butterball Turkey Baby Costume

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