For the breast of this Roast Turkey Baby Costume I traced the roast turkey template. Cut out, creating two heart shapes of equal size. Sew and leave a 2-inch opening. I filled it with stuffing and closed it. Sew a straight line down the center. Tuck the point under. Cut out two 8-by-8-inch tabs. Sew the rectangles onto the middle of each side of the breast, this will hold the costume together.

Trace a drumstick shape on a piece of muslin fabric folded in half & sew together, stuff, and sew shut. Hand-sew these drumsticks to the body. Paint the turkey

For the platter cut 1-inch-thick foam into an oval shape. With the paint-weight fabric, cut two of the same oval shapes a little larger in size. Sew or glue together to form platter. Finish the costume by decorating the plate with silk flowers, leaves, and fake vegetables, which can be applied with hot glue.

Note: Be sure to use nontoxic paint and glue in this project, as some babies like to chew on the costumes. When placing your baby on a table, be sure that the sides of the table are protected, and always watch that your child does not roll. When using berries and other garnishes, be aware of any choking hazards.