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Coolest Homemade Roast Turkey Baby Costume

For the breast of this Roast Turkey Baby Costume I traced the roast turkey template. Cut out, creating two heart shapes of equal size. Sew and leave a 2-inch opening. I filled it with stuffing and closed it. Sew a straight line down the center. Tuck the point under. Cut out two 8-by-8-inch tabs. Sew the rectangles onto the middle of each side of the breast, this will hold the costume together.

Trace a drumstick shape on a piece of muslin fabric folded in half & sew together, stuff, and sew shut. Hand-sew these drumsticks to the body. Paint the turkey

For the platter cut 1-inch-thick foam into an oval shape. With the paint-weight fabric, cut two of the same oval shapes a little larger in size. Sew or glue together to form platter. Finish the costume by decorating the plate with silk flowers, leaves, and fake vegetables, which can be applied with hot glue.

Note: Be sure to use nontoxic paint and glue in this project, as some babies like to chew on the costumes. When placing your baby on a table, be sure that the sides of the table are protected, and always watch that your child does not roll. When using berries and other garnishes, be aware of any choking hazards.

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10 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Roast Turkey Baby Costume”

  1. Hi Angela.L
    I am so glad you put a picture there!!!
    I made those costumes for other to enjoy them. Did you download my templates on the Martha Stewart website?
    I’ve always wanted to see other people’s creation. Thank you soo much for showing your personal pics….I love the Idea of adding a hat!
    Did you have a good time doing it? Some people thought I was crazy for making all those food costume for the Martha show….but hey,more people had a great laugh for it! Thanks again! -Isabelle Ortley

  2. I think this is the BEST COSTUME EVER,so thoughtful of you to think of the baby’s comfort when making costumes, keep up the great work.YOU MUST BE AN AWESOME MOM

  3. I am so flattered by the comments, by all! Especially Isabelle, thank you sooooo much. I just loved it. When I saw it on the internet I knew it would be perfect for the costume contest! I used the template from the website and they were very easy to follow, I also watched the video (on YOU TUBE) multiple times to make sure that I did it properly! I didn’t want a “burnt turkey” LOL. Thanks so much! and if you have any new ideas, let me know!

  4. Hi guys….you guys are all really sweet…thank’s for the comments! I only give a little idea and you made it your own:) it looks amazing. I little idea can go far….and each person made it their own way which is the best part. I love seeing your version tweak from mine! it is extremely rewarding to see someones work based a little from your and looking so different! thank’s again for sharing your version, I really appreciate it! Best regards,
    -Isabelle Orltey


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