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Coolest Homemade Turkey Costume

When my 2-year old son came up with the creative idea of a Turkey Costume, I did my best to bring his idea to life. It was inexpensive and simple- and I am no seamstress!

To make:
1.) Purchase two large pieces of brown felt. Cut a small circle in the middle of one piece, for their head to fit through, and cut a larger circle in the middle of the other piece for their legs to go through. String and sew ribbon or string into the circle in the top half to create an adjustable neckline and elastic through the bottom half to make it comfortable around the waistline.
2.) Cut each piece of felt into large, identical circles, and stitch them together. Cut rough holes into the sides for the arms. For the “gobbler”, take a small piece of red felt, fold it like an accordion and stitch onto the brown felt.
3.) Wear a matching brown sweatsuit (reusable-yay!) underneath, and pad the costume by stuffing the inside with crumpled newspaper.
4.) To create the turkey feathers purchase some stiff colored felt, cut them into feather shapes, and glue them to a cloth-covered piece of cardboard, which can then be safety-pinned to the back of the costume. This could easily be removed to sit, in, say, a classroom setting, or for a car ride.
5.) To make the beak, cover a piece of cardboard with orange felt, leaving a 3” piece of cardboard at the end to be folded into the brim of a cheap, brown winter hat, and glue some big googly eyes on top.
6.) Some $1 brown gloves complete the look.

It was warm and comfy, he loved it so much he wanted to be a turkey again the next year. Hope this idea helps someone out with their own Lil Turkey!

Homemade Turkey Costume

Homemade Turkey Costume

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