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Coolest Homemade Beer Man Costume

Beer Man…A Super Hero sent to this planet to distribute alcoholic beverages to the people of Sheffield! (But also promote the message of responsible drinking!)… well that was the idea when creating this homemade beer man costume, a made-up super hero which would enable me to get creative by making a costume that was fun, colourful and original!

The original idea for Beer Man came from Duff Man from the Simpsons which everyone loves, but I didn’t want to copy that identically so I based my idea on a homemade beer man costume I found on the internet.

To create the slightly ‘tipsy’ super hero I used a tight blue surf t-shirt as the base of the costume, which was great because even on me, one of the weediest kids at my university it brought out the small muscles that I had and made them look massive, which is essential for any superhero!

As for the legs, these were covered by tights which were embarrassing to buy but if you’re a little shy why not ask your mum or girlfriend to buy them. The great thing about them were that they were really cheap and (don’t tell the lads) but really comfortable and warm!

Everyone knows no super hero is complete without the pants over the trousers look, so when buying these try and get the most outrageous, colourful ones you can get which will really stand out! In my case I bought mine from a cheap department store and they even said ‘BANG’ on the back in superhero lettering!

As for the cape I used an old red one from a Dracula outfit I had stored away in my loft, but any cape could be used, for example a batman one would have been cool! To complete Beer Man I used yellow card folding it in a tubular shape, to create arm and leg armour which I thought looked really effective.

Finally the most important part of any beer related superhero is the utility belt which I made using a strip of card, using gaffer tape to hold on ‘empty’ cans of beer. I’ve highlighted empty because even thought it would have been cool to wear full cans these would have been way too heavy. One tip with the belt, make sure you use a lot of gaffer tape and don’t just glue the cans down or they will fall down, leaving you looking like a superhero who’s forgotten his weapons! Finally to finish the costume off I designed a beer man logo on the computer using word-art and paint, pinning it on with a safety pin.

As this homemade beer made costume was for my 19th birthday and was held at university I didn’t want to break the bank, so I made the theme, ‘funny costume for under £10’, beer man coming to £8.56!

The great thing about beer man is that he’s creative, simple but effective and holds so many possibilities, for example as a novice costume maker like myself you could simply transform this costume into any made-up super hero you like, maybe doughnut boy or even i-pod girl-bringing songs to the nation! As for me I went for Beer Man which went down very well with the locals, let alone the pub owners!

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