This one took a lot of work. Most of the little ones were done with sweat suits. They were bought a size larger so that the bottom waist could be removed, then fitted to be more tight. These super heros need to be warm!

Black widow was merely a black shirt and black skinny jeans. The badges were all bought online.

Thore wore a vest that had faux leather material as the top. It was then painted and craft foam was spray painted silver. It was hot glued to the front of the vest.

Hawkeye was pretty tricky. It took a lot of sewing, we used his sister’s old faux leather jacket she no longer wore as a base for his. Boots were spray painted.

Captain American’s white stripes were painted onto his shirt.

Wonder woman’s shoes were spray painted red and then she wore a red soccer sock. Her skirt was two graduation gowns found at a thrift store and then stars were painted on it.

Superman’s cape was also a graduation robe. White elastic 3/4 inch wide was hand stitched to the front of the sock so that it would stretch with the socks. Sheets were used for capes and so was an old prom dress. We looked for material in any place we could find it!