Coolest Homemade Batgirl Costume

I have always loved a Batgirl costume because I think it is sexy without going over the limit.

I wanted to make my own Homemade Batgirl Costume because I didn’t want to buy one just for one night. I did some research, found your page and loved the idea of making a costume with my own personal touch.

I made the mask from a piece of black plastic. I cut the yellow bat from a piece of construction paper and sewed it onto a black sweater. Instead of a skirt and boots, I wore tight black pants with a yellow belt, which I found among my kids’ stuff, around my hips. I used a piece of black fabric as a cape.

So, most of the time was spent making the mask and bat logo(about one hour) and that was all I had to do to look like Batgirl!

It was great because I got to wear my favorite costume without having to spend a dime as I already had everything at home. My kids loved it and it was great to hear people compliment me on my costume.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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