Coolest Homemade Baby Cow Costume

This is Kai in a Homemade Baby Cow Costume. Kai is a very fun and energetic 5 month old baby. Kai decided to become a cow this year because he is always getting called chubby. His utters light up as he Mooooves through the night. This is Kai’s first Halloween this year and instead of candy he just wants more milk.

We do know that boy cows do not really have utters but that is why his are made of bottles. Picture taking was pretty difficult seeing that he really didn’t like to wear his hat. Because he is teething he likes to chew on his hooves.

His grandma made his adorable costume and it is completely handmade and original. His costume is custom made head to hoof made from mainly fuzzy black and white fleece, hooves made of black vinyl, his utter sack is completely made of a rubber swimming cap, and utters that are custom made from baby bottles filled with white glitter that twinkle with lights.

Watch out there is a new cow MOOving into town!

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  1. That grandmother must be tickled pink about her grandson! She did an awesome job on the costume, down to the idea of lighted udder teets!!

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