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Coolest Head on Turkey Dinner Platter Halloween Costume

The idea for this Head on Turkey Dinner Platter Halloween Costume came as a result of the early product marketing in most stores for upcoming Holiday items. We couldn’t believe that Christmas items were being sold in the middle of September, even before Halloween! We began to think of Holidays we could represent early on Halloween – but not the seen before Santa and Mrs. Clause. Thanksgiving came to mind… and thus the table display was created.

Using a simple Styrofoam sheet left over from a large package we created the “table” and covered it with a seasonal table cloth. We then began considering the best way to carry the table and settled on an over the head method – we simply cut out a hole a bit larger than my son’s head and he slipped it on. The “table” sat on his shoulders and he steadied it with his hands under the cloth as he walked.

The fabulous roasted turkey hat was found at a discount store, so we didn’t have to hand make it although we planned on stuffing three “pillows” of brown felt, gluing them together side by side and placing the white decoration over the ends of the two small pieces on either side. My son wore it as a hat and we created the “platter” of veggies around him as if it were placed in the center of the dining table.

We then glued a place setting complete with real napkin, silverware and a plate, wine glass and even a bread basket in back for interest from behind. Throughout the whole process my son (and daughter) had a blast!

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