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Coolest Hawlucha from Pokemon Costume

This Hawlucha from Pokemon costume has to be one of the favourites that I have made. It was a delight to create. It is made from red, white, yellow and green faux fur and it really did stand out from the crowd when I wore it to the London MCM Comic Con. I decided to wear it on my journey to the MCM to see people’s reactions and it ended up with us having a good laugh.

The bus driver’s face was priceless when I had to get my partner to tap in my oyster card when all I had was 3 claws per hand and then at the train station two men were so busy rubber necking that they bumped heads together! At the MCM I received a lot of compliments and photos taken of me in my costume, plus a couple of photo shoots which was brilliant. Unfortunately it was a rainy day and having used slippers for my feet, I soaked up a few puddles and ended having to be carried on my partner’s shoulders wherever the ground was wet.

I Have not entered any competitions with this costume as none have popped up yet in my area but i did get 3rd with an unfinished yveltal costume i made at the Pokemon finals in the UK. Back to Hawlucha, I did end up struggling to see anything in front of me so during a photo shoot the person was trying to point in certain directions before asking me how my eye sight was. My response was ” it’s like a bird.” Although I love the costume, it’s very tiring to wear and you end up breathing the same oxygen most of the day and sweating horribly.

The thing I love about making costumes is once I finish a costume it inspires me to make more and helps me to create new ideas for future homemade costumes.

Coolest Hawlucha from Pokemon Costume

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