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Coolest Handmade Wonder Woman Homemade Costume

For a production I do, in order to get everyone excited some of us were asked to come dressed as superheroes. After looking on this very website for inspiration I decided on a Handmade Wonder Woman Costume.

To make it I simply went out and bought a target red corset and high waisted blue underwear and silver glitter glue. I already had gold huge amounts of gold-silk like fabric which I used to make the belt, head band, armbands and cape. If you are doing this as a last minute costume I suggest you start on the underpants but first as the glitter glue is generally quiet thick and takes a while to dry, mine took about 10 hours or overnight.

To make the underpants I simply drew straight on with the silver glitter glue and did as many stars as I wanted which ended up being a line of 4 at the top then another line of 3 and a final line of 2. Try to space the stars evenly.

I then started on the corset which did not need much work. The corset I bought had two black strips across the bust area and I planned to cover these with gold by using a thick strip of the gold fabric I already had. I then just cut the fabric to the right length and doubled the width. I then folded it width wise and sewed the sides together and then ironed it to get some crisp lines. I then simply attached them across the bust with small gold safety pins.

I then just hemmed one end of the large amount of gold fabric and threaded through a ribbon to make the cape. With the excess gold material I cut out strips to be the golden waistband, headband and arm bands.

I then just put on some skin colored tights, red flats and my costume over the top, added some eyeliner and red lipstick and I was ready to go.

Coolest Handmade Wonder Woman Costume

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