Coolest Graveyard Costume

This is my 4 year old daughter, she wanted to be something scary this year so I came up with this Graveyard Costume.

First I found the perfect size box for her. I cut a hole in the box just big enough for her head to fit through. I bought brown fabric 2 yards to cover the box and drape down to cover her feet. I then felt the hole in the box and cut a hole in the fabric where her head would go.

I went to Walmart and bought the tomb stone yard decorating kit, it came with everything that I needed to make her costume look like a graveyard. I also purchased 2 bags of green moss, a face-painting kit and an old dress and shoes from a thrift store.

Next I attached the tombstone to the box with hot glue and stuck 2 wooden skewers through the box and the tombstone for more support, then hot glued the skewers. Then I hot glued moss all over the box. I attached the skeleton hands with toothpicks and hot glue to look like they were coming out of the ground.

I attached the fence post by cutting little slits through the fabric and box and sticking them through and hot glue to secure. I attached black rose and flowers using hot glue, and put some spiderwebs and spiders and a rat with glue also. s

She could walk around with the Graveyard Costume on but I thought it would look better if I put her on wheels so I placed the whole box on top of a little Tikes push car, I just removed the handle and it fit perfect, no need to secure, so all we had to do is lift the box up so she could get in and out, we attached a a rope so we could pull her.

Her face was painted to look like a skeleton and her old dress and old boots looked scary without the graveyard part so that is how she went trick or treating and we used the graveyard for the costume contest. It looked amazing and everyone loved it and wanted to take pictures of her. The whole Graveyard Costume cost was about $30.

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