My husband did an amazing costume. My coworkers and residents where I work, all loved it and some were just so scared to look at me specially when I came out of the graveyard, lol!

This is How We Built the Creepy Rolling Graveyard Costume:

Like I mentioned, my husband used a mechanic cart and he build a frame using wood. We used fabric cloth to cover the sides and for the top part we used double layer of cardboard. I used the pillow to hold my head up while laying down inside the box. On the mechanical cart, on the top fabric cloth, we had an opening so my head and my upper torso would come out. I used my feet to get around, but we also used tight rope on both ends so I could have someone pull me or push me to guide me since I was inside the box and unable to see my surroundings. For decoration on the top of the graveyard we used some items from the $.99 store and put some moss to make it look a little more so real. Total cost for the costume was $35.