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Coolest Homemade Graveyard Costume

How do you make a graveyard spookier, more realistic, and more “haunted?”

This year our kids went with a haunted theme together. Our oldest son (11 years old) was set on being a walking graveyard. What he ended up with was a graveyard scene to beat all graveyards. We incorporated battery operated led lights, strobe lights with a dry ice mist. That’s right; we haunted him up with mist pouring from his hill of fright from 3 sides.

We started this Homemade Graveyard Costume with a chicken wire hill on a light weight plywood frame which our son paper mached. After being painted with brown textured spray paint, grass/moss was added along with straw colored shredded paper to look like dead grass. We added creatures made of clay and foam. Check out our video to see our many haunters. We used small concrete stakes to make a wrought iron fence and gate topped with glow in the dark skulls.

We recommend creating a harness that braces against the wearers abdomen. We had to counterbalance the weight from the front, which we weren’t planning on. We used a drawer brace to make a retractable treat catcher that our son pushed out to retrieve candy.

Our Haunted Graveyard, along with our Haunted Tree, Haunted House and Haunted Mummy haunted our neighborhood this year.

Please watch our video to see the Graveyard in action, trust me it will “haunt” you.

Homemade Graveyard Costume

Homemade Graveyard Costume

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  1. Fantastic! Amazingly creative. I would never have thought of being a graveyard! Very unique! Kudos to Mom and Dad for all the hard work.


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