Coolest Gonzo Costume

This is my tribute to the Muppets. I absolutely love the Muppets and am very excited that a new movie is about to come out. My husband was Beaker, I was Gonzo, and my sister was Animal.

For Gonzo, I took a football helmet and built it up using pieces of foam and hot glue. It took about three to four layers to get it to that size. I also used foam around the front part of the helmet to get the mouth shape as best I could, as well as around the neck.

I then crumpled up some newspaper and wrapped it in duct tape to get the nose shape. I hot glued that to the head and then covered it in blue felt. I used the blue felt around the mouth as well. I used blue furry material and covered the rest of the head.

For the eyes, I cut off about 1/3 of a styrofoam ball (to give it a flat side to glue) and covered it in white, yellow, and a small piece of brown fleece material and hot glued them to the head. As a finishing touch to the head, I added black feathers to the back crown of the head.

I also took some leftover fur and made some hands. I simply safety pinned them to my vintage suit that I bought and wore with my dad’s vintage bow-tie because Gonzo is such a snazzy dresser.

I had a great time wearing this homemade Gonzo costume and we were stopped quite often for pictures.

Coolest Gonzo Costume

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