2 thoughts on “Coolest Firefighter Costume”

  1. Just bought my kid a firefighter costume.

    Trying to rig up a sprayer pack for him.

    Wondering why is it that they cheap out on the tape and don’t even use real reflective tape?

    I remember back in the late 70’s parents were going crazy with reflective tape and flashlights for safety. I think it would be a good idea to use the real thing…guess we can’t expect CHINA to care about our kids safety.

    Will be picking up some real reflective tape at the hardware store for sure tomorrow!

  2. I know this one! Because of toxicity regulations for children’s costumes it is now impossible for costume manufacturers to use true reflective tape. The actual stuff is high in some pretty toxic materials. Since kids may chew on their costumes the testing standards have been tightened to make sure no unhealthful results may occur from any aspect of the kids costume.

    Yes the reflective tape is a plus for safety while trick or treating. Go figure.

    Some costume manufacturers (Like the company Teetot who supplies to Costco at Halloween) use a more reflective tape than most but it’s not as reflective as actual fire fighters have.

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