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Coolest Homemade Fire Hydrant Costume

I love having coordinating costumes, and especially homemade ones, for our two children. Though as they get older, I know my chances of this continuing will soon come to an end. But for now, we are having fun!

The first year they were Dorothy and the Tin Man. Last year, they were a Firefighter and a Fire Hydrant. Since their daddy is a volunteer firefighter in our town, and our two kids LOVE the firehouse, it seemed the perfect choice for them.

We bought red sweatpants, a turtleneck and a winter hat at Walmart. The couplings are made of Styrofoam, which we sprayed with silver paint, and attached with glue. We used red fabric, cut into strips, which we glued on to the sweatshirt, to make the appearance of the indentations that would be on a real hydrant. We bought some chain in the craft section and attached it with safety pins.

Our son was only two at the time and didn’t really have an opinion about Halloween. He went with it since it was firehouse related! It was a little tricky trying to keep the Styrofoam in one piece through two parades and a neighborhood Halloween party, but it survived and we think he looks adorable!

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