My boyfriend has always wanted to be a firefighter, and well, he likes any excuse to go shirtless too. I on the other hand wasn’t looking for a revealing costume, but still wanted to look sexy and be warm. This Firefighter and Dalmatian couples costume pleased us both as well as everyone at the party. I cannot even begin to tell you the number of compliments we got. People literally screamed with excitement when we walked in. My boyfriend walked in carrying an axe to the bonfire and said “I heard there was a fire in here”. – definitely got some laughs with that line.

I made my costume by going to a thrift store and finding a white skirt and long sleeve shirt, Amazon has them cheap too though. I then went to my local fabric store and bought some cheap felt. I also bought some fabric fuse that looks like paper and you iron it onto the fabric (detailed instructions come with it). After the fuse was ironed on I cut out spots and ironed them onto my shirt and skirt. You could also hot glue, fabric glue, or sew. I then paired it with black tights. You could also do face paint or make ears, I chose not to.

My boyfriend was fortunate enough to get to borrow his costume from a friend that was a firefighter. Before that though we were going to get tan pants from a thrift store, and suspenders then buy him the hat which was three dollars at party city. We also used face paint to look like smoke on his face. He used an axe as a prop as well.