Coolest Fat Wonder Woman Costume

I made this Fat Wonder Woman Costume just for the fun of it and to make people laugh. I have worn it on Halloween and in several parades in NYC & NJ and it always gets lots of smiles and I always pose for tons of pictures! And YES! I have even met Lynda Carter wearing this!

Coolest Fat Wonder Woman Costume

Coolest Fat Wonder Woman Costume

7 thoughts on “Coolest Fat Wonder Woman Costume”

  1. This is fan-freaking-tastic!

    I saw this Wonder Woman at the Gay Pride Parade and I have to tell you, the joy he brought to people’s faces was insane!

  2. What a great sense of humor you have! The costume is GREAT!!!! You made me smile, and I’m sure everyone you meet too.

  3. I knew when I saw this; you were a guy who didn’t mind people having a lot of fun, even at his own expense.
    I have to share this as I knew another guy who loved to make people laugh and even provide some shock value at his own expense. He put an Elvira costume together w/ fake boobs and a neckline that plunged to his fake navel. When he came down the stairs, the guy (who looked like Clark Kent) working the hotel desk screamed and ran for the back office in a combination of terror,shock, disbelief and a whole host of other emotions.When he came out his face was red w/ tears coming down his face and laughing and crying at once. You just can’t buy that or even plan it. Needless to say this incident really shook things up and provided a laugh I, and many others, will never forget.

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