Coolest Homemade Wonder Woman Costume ala Lynda Carter

I have always loved Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. So back in 2007 I decided to dress up as her and create a homemade Wonder Woman costume (it was difficult being that I am a guy). I prepared for Halloween months in advance. I went to tons of fabrics stores searching for the right colors and material. I finally found the perfect red, blue, and gold.

I will say that although I designed it. I didn’t not put it together as I do not know how to sew. I had the red bodice made. I cut out a bird with the gold and glued it on. I bought white stars that iron on to the blue panty area. Glued on the gold belt and bought a gold rope and Velcroed it onto the belt.

The hardest part of creating a replica of the original Lynda Carter WW costume was replicating the boots. Luckily I walked into a Big and Tall woman’s shoe store and right as I walked in were these red knee hi suede boots. To my amazement they were size 13’s. A PERFECT MATCH! I took them to a cobbler where I had him cut them into the pointed style and added white leather for the top and for the stripe.

I found silver bracelets at a street vendor and the cape was sewn together with long flowing pieces of red, white, and blue fabrics and iron on stars to match. I will say that my homemade Wonder Woman costume was a hit at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in the West Village in NYC. I had a bit of a hard time walking but other than that very close to the Lynda Carter version. Hope you all enjoy the pic

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  1. Omg! I’m amazed at how you put them together. I love it! I’m thinking about doing my own wonder woman costume,but with dark blue jean. What do you think? I need help creating and some helpful ideas. You can email me @ thanks

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