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Coolest Ever Headless Count Dracula Costume

This year my son wanted to be “Count Dracula” for Halloween. But of course we had no chance of winning our local contest with just plain old Dracula (boring) so I modified several different “Headless” costume ideas from this site to make it happen.

ALL of the clothing and accessories (not the fangs) in this Ever Headless Count Dracula Costume were found at 2 local thrift stores. The shirt was a XXL button up. The pants were women’s black elastic waist dress slacks (I would never tell my 8 yr old son they were womens, Dracula pants sounds much better!!).

We needed a way to cover the back of the backpack and hold the pants up (pulled up to right below armpit area) – 2 yards of black silky fabric did the job. The cape was an XXL adult for length.

Shoes women’s again, extra socks made them fit. Right around $15.00 at most bought all of it. To make the neck/shoulder area we used the small child’s backpack with the handle fully extended and duct taped it so it could not come down. We used a piece of cardboard that was bent to form the shoulders and attached by using zip ties to the top of the handle.

We wrapped the shoulder area around a swim noodle to form the arms held by zip ties. To keep the arms in a curved position, an old screen grate that was made of aluminum that bent very easily but yet was light weight and sturdy worked well and was attached by good old duct tape.

The hands were from a dollar store and we added black nail polish to them. The headless/neck stump was a sour cream container that was painted a light flesh color, I also used a small amount of white paint for the paleness factor.

Great Stuff spray insulation sprayed on top of neck stump and a few down the sides. Before this completely set up Blood Clot from the Halloween store was applied generously (let this dry overnight) – I added a bit more the next day.

Coolest Ever Headless Count Dracula Costume 77

Coolest Ever Headless Count Dracula Costume 77

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