Coolest ET Costume

The theme was dead celebrities so I went as my favorite character ET. I didn’t want to make his whole body so I decided to be ET when he runs out of the closet dressed as a girl.

Now, I did start this Homemade ET Costume at 10pm at night and didn’t finish till 4am so it does take some time…but then again, my sewing skills are limited to just my hands.

I got a box that would fit snugly on top of my head and covered it in ET skin tone fabric. Then I cut foam board in the shape of ET’s face and pinned it to the front of the box.

For the face, I broke it down into 3 distinct sections:

1. Eyes: I just created a tube of fabric and filled it with polyester fill and then shaped it as the outline of his eyes. I then pinned that to the face and then put Styrofoam eyes in the middle. Blue and black felt for specifics on the eyes.

2. Mouth: This is just a large ball of polyester fill wrapped in ET tone fabric and then pinned onto the face. I used black yarn for the mouth.

3. Nose: Same as the mouth but a smaller version for the nose.

The face is done and I just complimented it with the blond wig and black hat, including pink rose!
For the neck, I just wrapped the fabric around my neck though I did leave a section open so I can breathe and see.

As for the finger, I just created 1 long plush finger to put on my hand. Everything else is in the accessories. I was thrilled to win best overall and most original. It was fun but it did take quite a bit of time!

Homemade ET Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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