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Coolest Drunk Barbie Halloween Costume

I thought outside of the box to make a costume that ironically I be in a box! I went out and bought a closet-moving box from a moving store, then I cut out a hole in the front to mimic a Barbie box. I place pink wrapping paper all around the box and used plenty of pink duck tape to keep it down. I also got a Barbie logo sticker printed for the front and used glitter letters for “drunk”.

I also painted a few Margarita glasses for a more drunk/party effect. I topped up my costume with a bright pink party dress and a pink Barbie hat! The costume took a day to make, and it was funny because at the party everyone would have to come talk to me since it was a little bit difficult to maneuver the box around but it made to be the highlight of the night!  To also get into character I had smeared my make up, ruffled up my hair, so for once I came to a party and left looking the same.

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