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Coolest Do it Yourself “The Birds” Movie Halloween Costume

After seeing the attic scene in the movie Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”, I thought that would be the the most awesome costume for my sister to wear this year.

I began with an old dress w/matching jacket. Used a knife to shred certain areas that were wounded in the movie. I used red paint so the material would get stiff where the wounds were and then put fake blood liquid gel to make the dripping effect. I painted the birds black and their beaks and eyes red, glued a few black feathers here and there.

I used wire from the birds to attach through the material on the jacket and she made wrist bands out of hair ties for the wrist birds. Used a lip liner and red paint for wounds on her face , neck and legs.

This do it yourself “The Birds” movie Halloween costume cost about $15.00 to make. The reactions from people were priceless, she was so the hit of the party.

Do it Yourself

Do it Yourself

Do it Yourself

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