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Coolest DIY Costme Nun-Chuck from Minions: The Rise of Gru

The Despicable Me film franchise has been my obsession since I had seen the film on my 25th birthday in 2010 after a fun-filled trip to Dave & Buster’s (which I have done almost every year for my birthday…except in 2020 when COVID hampered my plans to do whatever I wanted to do when that lockdown happened). Years later in 2013, I had seen Despicable Me 2 in the movie theater on my 28th birthday, which was then followed by a visit to Dave & Buster’s.

The Despicable Me film has spawned two spinoff films that were prequels to the Despicable Me films. The first one was aptly Minions, and needless to say, when those lovable, banana loving, gibberish (or should I say “minionese”?) speaking creatures that look like Hostess Twinkies (which was how my mom best described them when we saw the first Despicable Me film) entered my life in 2010, they were just like my guardian angels.

I look up to the minions (and possibly even Gru!) as my guardian angels throughout the harshest times of 2020 and 2021, especially when my maternal grandfather’s life was taken from us when the tornado in Western Kentucky destroyed the home he and grandmother were living in (FYI, my grandmother was in the hospital for a gallbladder issue, so her life was spared).

In July 2022 (the month of my mother’s birthday, let alone mine), the wait to see Minions: The Rise of Gru was finally over. I had seen it, and they knocked it out of the park.

So sometime later, I told my mom I wanted to be Nun-chuck, one of the members of the Vicious 6. Of course, as you can guess, she’s a nun, and after finding out that Nun-chuck was one tough cookie who didn’t take crap from anyone, I decided that I would be Nun-chuck for Halloween that year.

I tend to plan my costumes ahead of time, but right after seeing Minions: The Rise of Gru (after IMPATIENTLY waiting for the film to come out in 2020…) and seeing that Nun-chuck is a tough nun, I was sold (again, she’s a tough cookie who won’t take bullcrap from anyone), and told my mom I wanted to be Nun-chuck.

As the lot of you may know, I tend to DIY my costumes, which means little to no sewing. So I had to get cracking with my Nunchuck costume before too long.

If you’ve dressed up as a nun for Halloween, you just need a black dress and a nun’s habit. Fortunately, thanks to the power of Amazon, I found a habit, some nunchucks, and a simple black dress with pockets, which was a major convenience to me in case I wanted to carry around my iPhone/iPod, or even the nunchucks. Of course, I wear glasses (since I have myopia/nearsightedness), and so does Nunchuck herself, so it was just PERFECTO! I know Nun-chuck wears square shaped glasses, but it doesn’t matter.

The habit was a bit tight when I first tried it on, so my mom did some alterations with it. Unfortunately, my hair was still visible despite this (Nun-Chuck’s hair is hindered by her habit), so I had to take what I had and just go with the flow. There was a Halloween party in Holley that I went to, and so I went. Unfortunately, I had found out the morning of the party that nunchucks (as in the weapon) were illegal in New York State (despite that I had gone with the “practice” nunchucks as opposed to using some wimpy toy versions of them that would probably break easily), so I had to settle on my precious minion plushies from Build-A-Bear Workshop that I got when the first Minions film came out in 2015. I did get a picture with my Otto the minion pumpkin while holding the nunchucks before heading out to the party. Even so, my minions still had to suffice as a fitting prop to my costume (FYI, I carried around a laminated picture of Nun-Chuck from the film in case folks wondered who I was, rather than just saying that I was just aptly a nun or a “penguin”, as The Blues Brothers called Sister Mary Stigmata in the Blues Brothers films).

This Halloween costume was a good costume. I wish I had my neighbor Verne to be Wild Knuckles, but due to him being AWOL for most of the summer in late July, it was impossible to make him the costume in time. But I did just perfectly being a member of The Vicious 6!

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