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Coolest DIY Bionicle Halloween Costume

My son has begged me for a DIY Bionicle Halloween costume for a couple years now. The ones sold at stores just didn’t seem authentic enough and not worth the money so this year we decided to make it.

I started with a plain black sweatsuit, some freezer paper, fabric paint (dark blue and glow in the dark), duct tape and cardboard. To start I had him build the Bionicle he’d like. I then sketched the arms, legs, and chest pieces onto freezer paper and cut them out into stencils. I then ironed on the freezer paper, shiny side down, onto the sweat suit. Then I fabric painted with a stencil brush (or a sponge brush). Let dry before pulling off the paper. Once dry trace with the glow in the dark paint.

For the helmet my husband sketched the mask onto cardboard and attached it with duct tape to a bike helmet. Then made the spikes out of triangles of cardboard and attached them with duct tape and then covered the rest of the helmet with duct tape. I should state that we filled in the mask with sharpie marker and duct tape. You could use any colors that you want of course. The total cost for this DIY Bionicle Halloween costume was about $17.00 and now my son has a Bionicle playsuit or pajamas.

DIY Bionicle Halloween Costume

DIY Bionicle Halloween Costume

DIY Bionicle Halloween Costume

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