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Coolest DIY Baby Groot Costume and Family Avengers Group Costume

Our five year old daughter wanted a homemade Baby Groot costume for Halloween, so, naturally, the whole family landed on an Avengers theme.

My son went with Rocket Racoon, I dressed up as Black Widow, and my husband naturally navigated towards Fat Thor! Even the grandparents got in on the action with Hulk and She-Hulk costumes.

And then, we started on a long road of creating Baby Groot costume and we were in over our heads. The costume was mostly made from pipe insulators and EVA foam. The body consisted of pipe insulators, intertwined, to look like the trunk and branches. A few pieces of carved EVA foam were placed on the chest and back. The head was made from carved EVA foam with silicone to build up the cheek area and sunglass lenses were used for the eyes. We used a coating of tissue paper mache. After a base spray paint coat, shading and highlights were painted by hand with acrylic paint to achieve a realistic wood look. We finished everything off with some moss for a true Baby Groot look.

Fat Thor was all home-made. We purchased fabric at Joann’s Fabrics and my mother made his costume. I applied the beard and moustache.

Rocket Racoon costume was homemade with fabric from Joann’s Fabrics (mask was purchased). Gun belt, patches, and wrist guards were made of leather fabric. Guns were spray painted.

We always have a blast as a family on Halloween no matter the theme. The kids know that they can pick a costume for school but we always choose a family/group costume theme and go all out experimenting on how we can make it. It becomes a family adventure, pushing our creativity and limits, more and more each year. And each year the kids enjoy the reactions and the photos that everyone requests. All of the hard work was worth it! Baby Groot had an excellent time posing for pictures and trick or treating. In the words of Scarlett, that day, “I am Groot!”

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