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Coolest Dia de Los Muertos Adult Couple Costume

I have always loved Day of the Dead art, so why not dress like it! I bought an old wedding dress from the thrift store and began cutting. First I cut of the sleeves and zipper since it was too small, then I added grommets and turned the back into a corset style dress. I put that aside and searched the internet on how to make fabric flowers. Once I figured it out, I sat in front of the TV making hand made flowers off and on for a few weeks. Once I thought I had enough flowers I began to sew them to the top of the dress that I previously cut until they looked a bouquet. These flowers are on the front, back and one shoulder to support the weight of the dress.

Once this was complete I searched for skeleton gloves, could not find any! So I painted 2 pair of cotton winter gloves for myself and my husband (this way they would look great all night). As for my husband’s costume, his was relatively easy. I sewed ribbon onto a white shirt to make red ruffles and added some of my flowers to his hat. This all goes well with a simple tux, always handy to have! Now just wait for the big day, Halloween. It took me about an 40 min to paint my husband. My makeup took about 2 hrs since I had to paint my face, chest and arms. My wig and vail covered my back so I just painted it black.

This Dia de Los Muertos Adult Couple Costume was a blast. We had our picture taken every 5 seconds, that’s how I know it worked! Oh Yeah, daisy contacts made it a lil creepier!

Coolest Dia de Los Muertos Adult Couple Costume

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