Coolest Danger Mouse Costume

This Danger Mouse Costume was a lengthy costume to make, but well worth the time and effort.

DM is a legendary British cartoon hero, from back in the 80’s. He is a white secret agent mouse and has a trusty bumbling sidekick hampster assistant- Penfold.

Trousers: white chino trousers left over from a summer holiday.
Shoes: white trainers from a cheap shoe shop.
Sweater shirt: the only piece I couldn’t make and which did cost a £20. I found a local printers who were more than happy to print it on for me. I grabbed the DM logo online. I added the back logo which is technically out of character) at no extra cost.
Hands: A pair of Mickey mouse hands my wonderful Fiancee bought from EBay for me.
The mask: A local £1 shop were selling furry animal masks. I bought a meter of fake fur from our local textiles shop, plus an eye patch and some black felt.

I tried out a local costume maker to start it off, but I wasn’t impressed or happy with the end result. So my fiancee and myself spent a couple of nights covering the mask with the white fur and working out how I was going to see out if.

Overal cost:
Sweater: £20
Shoes: £5
Gloves: £3.50 (P+p)
Mask: £1
Materials: £3.50

Total = £33 and a truly amazing costume.

Danger Mouse Costume

 Danger Mouse Costume

 Danger Mouse Costume

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