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Coolest Daft Punk Thomas Homemade Costume

I have been creating my own Halloween costumes for the past few years now. However this year I had to stray from my tradition of creating large nightmare beasts in order to create a more dance floor friendly costume.

Being the colossal nerd I am, I have always thought the Daft Punk costumes were really cool looking and decided it would be good at parties. However to procure a copy of a Daft Punk helmet, I would have to shell out about 65,000 dollars and about a two year waiting list. It was clear this was going to be a pure DIY.

I constructed the helmet out of duct tape and cardboard around a bicycle helmet. I spray painted the visor black and put in eye holes with black mesh in to conceal my eyes. I then gave it the chrome look using silver tape. I have Four LEDs that produce the multi-colored light at the edges of the visor, and also two flickering LED lights attached to the eye holes, creating the effect of blinking eyes.

Luckily I had a leather jacket I had received from my dad that fit the daft punk style, and a pair of black jeans to go with it.

The Daft Punk Thomas Costume was wildly popular at all the parties and the leather jacket caught the attention of more than a few ladies. I would say my costume was more popular than me! Plus the lights were amazing in the fog, and the shiny coating reflected colored lights in a very cool fashion.

I was extremely pleased with my Daft Punk Thomas Costume especially given the time and financial limitations. Overall the costume only cost about $15 dollars and 10 hours. Just goes to show that any costume can be replicated cheaply with enough patience and duct tape.

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