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Coolest Homemade Daft Punk Couple Costume

A friend asked if I wanted to go to an “I wish I was….” party as Daft Punk (the 2 french guys who made ‘one more time’ & ‘around the world’). I of course loved daft punk and went to it, it was a first attempt but considering no leather jackets and the time it took I was satisfied.

Both helmets started of as those hats you drink beer out of, but were then stripped down, with parts added. The visors are just clear plastic from the hardware store and I tinted them with film used inside car windows, everything is held together with a lot of hot glue (gotta love it) and then painted accordingly, we also had matching gloves.

The helmets were easy to see out of (even at night) and if you have a well positioned straw you could still drink too. Unfortunately I got a little too forgetful that night and ended up losing both.

If I were ever to create them again, I would put the lights in.

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  1. I have literally been begging my boyfriend to be daft punk with me for Halloween and he said it can’t be done!!!! I seriously idolize this so much… If you guys have any other tips or instructions on how I can make this I will seriously be so thankful!!!


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