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Coolest Cutest Pile of Leaves Costume

I wanted to make a costume that was original and cute for my son but we were broke so I needed something cheap. I then came up with this idea for a pile of leaves costume

I went to a resale shop for kids clothing and purchased a plain black hooded jacket, that was several sizes too big. I then went to a craft store that had a floral department and bought fake fall leaves, they were still on the stems. I also bought a box of safety pins but you could use a hot glue gun.

I think took all the leaves off the stems and safety pinned them to the black jacket so that they covered the jacket and the hood. When you put it on him he looked like a pile of leaves!! Too Cute!!

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1 thought on “Coolest Cutest Pile of Leaves Costume”

  1. You could also try sewing them with a hearty cord in a similar color like orange or red to cut down on total weight, but LOVE this idea for a boy’s costume…

    Actually, you could use this in a haunted house for an adult too…


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