My sister and I love to dress up for Halloween. Every year when my kids would go trick or treating my sister and I would dress up. We would get some stares but we had so much fun with it. Once my kids got older we still wanted to dress up. Luckily we were invited to Halloween parties. We wanted to do something amazing, every year we try to top it off.

This year it was a Cruella DeVille costume. We first found her wig and decided to built after that. She wore a long fur coat and had a very long cigarette holder, she wore very high heeled boots and talked with an English accent.  I Googled around the web and came onto an amazing website of a makeup artist. We saw some of her work and I being an Esthetician have some background in makeup. It was so fun doing all the various steps. The most amazing trick I learned was with to glue the eyebrows down with a glue stick , you can totally erase them.

Before you knew it she was indeed Cruella ! We had to stop and get gas and I would hear her yelling out while pumping gas, ” excuse me do you have any puppies” !!!! everyone she saw she would ask for puppies!! Fun night, we had everyone at the party said she had the best costume !