Our 5 yr old daughter wanted to be the corpse bride from her favorite movie. We took her baptism dress and used black sidewalk chalk to make it look a little dirtier.

We made a veil with netting (tulle) that I sprayed very lightly with black paint just to make it not so bright white and used a floral ring from our wedding to attach the tulle, then we attached all to a store bought wig that was black with white stripes.

We added some small plastic spiders to the back of her veil with bread ties and attached a larger spider to the back of the dress.

On the big days (she wore the costume for 3 days for various parties). We painted her face with white face paint and added some black around her eyes to give her a more sunken eye look.

She also carried a black rose as a bouquet. She won 1st in two contests and received tons of compliments and a scream or two from others.