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My nephews were dressed in the Chipmunks costume for Halloween. I bought red, green, and blue long-sleeved turtlenecks from the thrift store. I already had the yellow felt for the A on Alvin’s shirt and the red baseball cap. Then we used Harry Potter glasses for Simon.

The shoes we got at Wall-Mart for $5/pair. Not too bad! An our Theodore provided his own chipmunk cheeks! We were on a budget and this proved to be a very big hit, although when the boys weren’t together, they weren’t able to be recognized as easily! This year, we are re-using the red cap and bought a green one for $2 at Wall-Mart so that my nephew “Alvin” can be Mario and his brother can be Luigi.

Anyone have any ideas on overalls?

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  1. Carthart makes green overalls I know for sure. They are heavy material and normally worn over other clothes during the winter but I have seen them for little kids. Carthart does make blue jackets and probably makes the blue overalls I have just not seen them for myself. But this way you could use them all winter long for when the boys go and play outside.

  2. This is exactly what I am making for my 3 boys this year. We did the Mario and Luigi thing last year-it was a huge hit at school!! (I have twin boys). I got the overalls from the thrift store for about $5 each and then cut out the “M” and “L” from white felt for the hats. I also found a 2 pack of white stretch gloves from Wal-Mart for $1. Then I drew on the mustaches with black eyeliner. Altogether I spent about $15.00 for everything I needed. It was so cute.

  3. My son and his cousin were Mario and Luigi one year, they just wore regular blue jean overalls with a red and green long sleeve shirt under. they finished the look out with a green hat with a “L” on the front, and a red hat with a “M” on the front also, they both got some fake mustaches, and wore some boots. when they went trick o treating, everyone recognized them and said it was a very good costume. it helped that my son was shorter and chubbier than his cousin who was taller and really made the costumes come to life!! good luck!!

  4. Well I’m a teenager and me and my 2 best friends were looking for something cool to wear. This is perfect. Thank you so much.

    We also fit the characters very well!

  5. I am a huge fan of the Chipmunks and Chipettes and I always enjoy seeing pictures of costumes people made to represent them. Very Cool!

  6. Both of my boys wanted to be Alvin last year, and since we didn’t have a 3rd to make the trio complete and have them be each one, I made 2 Alvin costumes very similar to this picture here. It was SO easy and I’ll tell ya I have never gotten so many comments/compliments about a Halloween costume! Some people actually even sang along with them as we went trick-or-treating! Very fun and all for so cheap! :D

  7. This is some neat stuff I have to admit! I’m probably going to abandon the Mad Eye Moody costume and save it for next year! I’m probably going to be Simon. I have the voice and everything! Thanks!

  8. Thanks so much for this great idea for me and my friends to do new Halloween. I’ll definitely be Simon and my friend can be Theo. We have their voices! (Well, I can do any of their voices but Simon’s my fav and Theo is my friend’s!)

  9. Those costumes are awesome!!! The boys in my class are planning on singing a Christmas song imitating the chipmunks. Those would be awesome to have. Can I borrow them? Haha I also live in AZ, four hours North of you : )

  10. I have 3 boys and one girl was thinking of doing Alvin Simon Theodore and Brittney you have solved the boys now just to figure out Brittney.

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