I work at Adobe Systems and they have an annual Halloween party that is out of this world! I am always trying to come up with a costume that rivals those that win the grand prize. I decided a few years ago to give it a try and didn’t win the grand prize until this last year with my Wall-E costume.

I basically got a large recliner box that would fit over my Grandpa’s old scooter chair. I then built up the pieces from large scraps of cardboard that I got from the back of a furniture store. The tracks and the head were a little tricky but I wanted it to look really good for judging purposes. I also wanted to ensure that I had it mobile so that I could chase the kids around the office when they arrived.

Everyone seemed to love it and I was asked to stick around until everyone had gone through the line so that they could take pictures with me. I still have people coming up to me from work telling me that their kids still talk about the Wall-E costume.