Coolest Child Jessie Costume

My daughter loves Jessie from Toy Story, so when she wanted to be her for Halloween I looked at the store bought costumes and wasn’t thrilled with them so I decided to make my own Homemade Child Jessie Costume. Went to the Fabric store bought cow print (for the chaps) yellow (for the shirt) and some red, black and white yarn (for shirt, pants, and hat).

First I took a pair of jeans and cut out the chaps (hint: Cut bottom at an angle). Sewed them onto the jeans. Added stripes of black yarn for the fringe. Next took a white button up shirt. Cut out the yellow fabric for front design (cut in 2 pieces), sewed them on either side of the buttons. Also cut out the cuffs. I took some red yarn and fabric glued it on to make the rope design (also could use embroidery needle). Did the same for cuffs. Added 2 big white buttons in the middle of the shirt to add a “Toy look”. I bought an Indian Jones type hat from the Halloween store, spray painted it red whole punched holes around the brim and put white yarn through (going in and out). Braided a piece around the middle and down the side so I could tie it on.

Lastly I added a belt buckle. There you have Jessie!



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