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Coolest Chicken Costume

I have made 3 of these costumes now, everybody wants to be a chicken!! My daughter wore this Homemade Chicken Costume and won 3 contests.

I started with a pain white long sleeve zipper front hoodie, about 4 sizes bigger than she wears. I purchased several 7′ white feather boas and stitched each one on by hand, making the stitches about 3″ apart. I just ran the boas up and down and for the sleeves I went around. The hood I did the same way. I bought bright orange leggings, used red felt to make the comb on the top and orange felt for the beak. I attached the beak with elastic for around the head. For the feet I bought standard yellow dishwashing gloves, stuffed the fingers with tissue and slid them over her shoes.

This is a very messy costume, the whispy feathers float everywhere, my car was littered with them within an hour! But it is totally worth it. Simple concept, time consuming (took about 15 hours total for the feathers) but not too expensive and very unique!

Homemade Chicken Costume

Homemade Chicken Costume

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