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Coolest Ceiling Fan Halloween Costume

My costume was an incredibly easy and cheap thing to pull off. It’s a clever play on words that you may have to explain to some of your friends who may not be as bright as you. The shirt says “GO CEILINGS” and the sign says “CEILINGS ARE NUMBER 1!” I bought the shirt, hat and materials for the sign at a craft store along with the paints and iron-on letters for the shirt and hat. I chose blue and white because those are common team colors. The pants I bought for super cheap at a thrift store and cut them to make it a little flirty. At first a few people didn’t understand the play on words but everyone thought it was very funny. A big hit especially if you’re tight on money.

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10 thoughts on “Coolest Ceiling Fan Halloween Costume”

  1. Re: above comment, the costume is a Ceiling Fan. Take that literally, and you’re a fan of ceilings (like a sports fan is a fan of sports).

  2. OMG! I am so doing this for my work Halloween party! I love play on words costumes and this one won’t require me to paint my face or anything!

  3. for tonight….apparently we needed more than one costume…..so this is a great last minute one!
    Haha….made me laugh soo much! Thanks for the idea!


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