Coolest Book of Life Joaquin Costume

My son and I recently watched the new animated movie, The Book of Life. He loved the colors, the culture, and the characters from this movie. Immediately he decided he wanted to be the legend: Joaquin. Of course this was five days before Halloween, but naturally I accepted the challenge!

This was a fun and inexpensive project to make. I started with the design and decided cardboard was the best material to work with. I went to our local grocery store and asked for their recycled boxes. I created the top, arms, and boots solely out of cardboard. Next came the paint which I already owned at home. I used acrylic paint for everything. Then I started with the details. I used sticky glitter paper I had at home for the medals and stitching. I made the bandoleer out of brown material and the cape out of satin material I purchased at our local craft store. The only purchase I made was the white jeans found at a department store. I borrowed the mariachi hat from a family member and it gave the costume the final touch.

I was amazed at how much attention my son received on Halloween. Everyone immediately recognized the character and loved it. We received so many compliments throughout the night. He felt like a little celebrity as everyone asked for a picture of him. It was a fun night and we loved sharing our creation.

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