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Coolest Bollywood Dancer Costume

Here is my daughter, 20 month old Elise, as an Indian Bollywood dancer!

I rummaged through a bag of material that my friend was giving away to the Goodwill. I found several yards of this pretty blue material with a gold design. I took a pair of stretch pants I bought on sale at Walmart for 5 dollars and measured the length of my active daughter.

I cut the material in half (long wise) to cover the stretch pants. I used the internet to find out how the Sari’s were wrapped. I wrapped the Sari around the stretch pants and sewed it so it wouldn’t come undone.

For her veil I went threw the Material Bag my friend had again, and found this shiny blue material. I found this gold sequence trim at a fabric store for 2 dollars(1/2 a yard). I glued the trim and then sewed it on. I found an old necklace and earring set, where one of the earrings was broken so I looped it through the veil’s trim, and then I sewed a hair comb under it so it would stay in Elise’s hair.

We made a shirt for her as well but the head hole was WAY too small, so we decided to use the black turtle neck she has been wearing. I think I bought it last spring for 7 dollars.

To complete her look, we glued shiny sequins on her face!

It took me no more then 3 hours, and cost no more then 12 dollars!

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  1. This is so cute! I am going to use you’re instructions but make it to my size. Thank you so much for sharing! :)


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