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Cool Gold Digger Costume

Considering my name is Marigold, I decided to be a gold digger. I got the inspiration from seeing a gold digger costume in stores, but thought it was too skimpy. The gold digger costume I saw showed too much skin, and since I am a rather large girl, I thought that wouldn’t look right on me.

Soooo… I got the creative gears rolling and decided to make my own! I didn’t find anything challenging about making this costume except that since I glued my money pieces close to my chest it tore when I sat down. :(

FYI: print out local Joanne’s fabrics/Michael’s coupons to get even more savings!

Materials needed:

For skirt/top:

  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • Gold fabric

For Shovel:

  • Card Stock
  • Cardboard
  • Gold spray paint (dollar store/Walmart)
  • Gold glitter spray paint (Walmart/craft store)

For Accessories:

  • Jumbo Fake money (dollar store)
  • Gold Chain necklace

For the shovel: I used a scrap of cardstock paper and cut it in the shape of a dome with a flat bottom. Then I pinched the shape to give it depth to make it look like a shovel. I cut out the shovel handle out of cardboard, spray painted it with gold paint first then added a few layers of gold glitter spray paint. If you skip the step of spraying gold spray paint first then you risk seeking the cardboard material underneath the gold glitter spray paint.

For the dress I did it in 2 parts. 1) top 2)skirt. I youtubed a video on how to make a circle skirt out of fabric. I sewed a piece of elastic on the waist to make the fabric more pliable since my fabric wasn’t stretchy. For the top, I used an old sleeping t-shirt as an outline. I traced the shirt on the fabric and cut two pieces. I sewed up and down all around it leaving holes for arms and my head. However, I tweaked the design a little bit to make it look more like shirt with kimono sleeves.

Then I just hot glued everything together. I fanned out the money and glue it together then stuck it all over my dress. I placed the shovel where I wanted it and hot glued it to my dress.

Hope this helps. If there are any questions, feel free to message me and I will do my best to answer your questions.

Thanks!!! Enjoy!!!

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