This year, as with every year, my roommate and I made our costumes entirely out of duct-tape and cardboard. I decided on a Blood Angel Space Marines costume and for effect, the mask has functioning fans, LEDs, and there is a flash bulb inside the barrel of the bolter(gun).

This whole project took about a month, and required 8 rolls of various colored tapes, as well as 5 batteries, 12 LEDs, 2 40mm computer fans, ski boots, and lots of time. There are various aspects that you can’t see, such as the purity seals on the sides, but I am happy with the way this picture looks.

I have created this costume to celebrate my love for the game Warhammer 40k, and also because I am a huge nerd. Every year my roomie and I create a new costume, that consists largely of ductape and cardboard, and this year we went all out.

There is no way to accurately describe how to make this, as I mostly just bent cardboard to shape and taped it up, but for the mask, I used a large bike helmet as a base, and then built from there. Once I had an outline, I continued to bulk it out until I eventually got it to the shape I wanted. I then stole a tube off a vacuum cleaner and installed it on the side, to create the working vents. I then installed LEDs into the eyes.