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Coolest Bjork Costume

Each year my adult daughter asks me to make her a unique Halloween costume. This year she is Bjork the pop singer from Iceland who wore her famous swan dress at the 2001 Oscar awards.

I made a basic white strapless party dress for the basic form. I then randomly attached yards and yards of white ruffled chiffon fabric to the bias skirt and bodice. I also sewed white feathers in between the ruffles. The chiffon was cut into strips that I ruffled as I sewed it on. I lined the skirt with stiffer fabric and then attached white netting to make the dress poof out.

The swan neck and head was sketched on newspaper and traced on to felt. The head is gold and the neck is white. The neck is a long tube with a coat hanger in it that I stuffed with batting. The head has batting in it also. The swan head and neck were sewn on to one side of the top of the bodice and then wrapped around my daughter’s neck and then attached at the opposite side.

The black wig was a packaged page boy wig from the thrift store.

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