Coolest Homemade Bjork Swan Dress Costume

This Homemade Bjork Swan Dress Costume has taken me 5 weeks to make, 3 yards of charmeuse, chiffon, muslin, linen, organza, and some old American Apparel tshirts, half a feather boa, a lot of hot glue, a spool of cotton thread, polyester fiberfill, floral wire, a zipper, and some more feathers for the swan head.
This has been the most time consuming and difficult project I have taken on since the Breast Nest last fall and for good reason:

1) created a basic bodice front with skirt, trimmed the front to cover half my form’s chest
2) next I began to attach the ruffles, 33 rows in alternating knife pleat patterns on the front and back of skirt and bodice (all but 2 rows were stitched by hand while watching my love Dexter)
3) seamed front and back skirt pieces to fit my size
4) added zipper on the right side
5) began to attach feathers by cutting them off boa, and hot gluing them one by one onto each layer of ruffles to add body and fluff
6)I eventually made 3 swan necks before I got the right shape and size for my neck and chest
7)hot glued feathers to the neck and created the swan face out of a few feathers left over from another project (I don’t love the swan head, but I did the best with what I had).

So in all I really love this dress, its so warm to be so scandalous, and I would like an egg to bring but I just don’t feel like sewing anything else for this! I am so glad I finally knocked this project out, I have been in love with the design for years and Bjork is my alltime favorite singer with the most creative style and music. Hopefully Halloween will be unseasonably warm this year or I will have to wear my pea coat with it, not bad but it won’t be as “shazam!”.

All I have left to do is draw Bjork’s compass tattoo on the arm of by bodysuit, take in the zipper a bit so that it will be very high-waisted, and style my wig a bit more. And practice that awesome accent while rambling about putting nickels in my stove and whatnot. Hope you like it!

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  1. Wow. Phenomenal job. Thanks for the tips on construction. Hopefully I can put together a semi-decent version of this dress before Halloween. Ughs, wish me luck!

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