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Coolest Bjork Halloween Costume

Halloween is my most favorite holiday and I wanted to have a unique costume that didn’t cost a bundle and run the chance that someone else might be wearing it. I love Bjork and her music, so I decided to make her infamous swan dress.

First I bought a pair of white tights and stuffed them with some polyfil from the crafts store. (The same material they use in pillows, it is very inexpensive about $3.50 for an 8 ounce bag). I shaped the end of the tights to look like a swan head and I sewed on a beak with black and orange felt. Felt is also super cheap. I finished the swan’s head by gluing on some rolly eyes.

For the skirt I bought a $5 white slip and a few feather boas and sewed them all around. I am personally not the best sewer in the world but this was very easy. I sewed the bottom of the tights to the skirt and wrapped a feather boa around it to hide the edge of the tights.
To finish the look I wore a flesh colored shirt underneath, and sprayed my hair with black hair spray. A black wig would work as well.

And ta da! You are now Bjork. In the end I spent about $35 on this Bjork Halloween costume but if you already have some of the materials then it could be less.

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