Coolest Bjork in Swan Dress Costume

I made the infamous Bjork swan dress for Halloween. It was super easy. I took the crinoline that I wore under my wedding dress and took off the top layer of fabric so the tulle was showing. I glued feathers to that and shortened it so that it would be the right length.

I wore a tan tank top to which I pinned a white feather boa. At the end of the feather boa I attached the head of the swan which I made out of an egg shaped foam piece, googly eyes, and black and orange felt. It was a cinch!

I wrapped the excess boa around my waist to cover up the elastic of the crinoline slip and voila! Throw in a black wig and you’re Bjork-a-licious!

Total cost – Under $50 depending on what you have already around the house.