Coolest Beaker Costume

After thinking and thinking about what to be last Halloween I came up with the idea of a Homemade Beaker Costume. He is by far one of my favorite characters on the Muppets so it was a perfect choice. I have seen Beaker costumes before but all of them completely inclosed the persons head. I was going to be going to Salem, MA for Halloween and knew I wouldn’t want to deal with limited visibility while trying to walk thru crowds of thousands so I thought of making a beaker head on a headband. This also allowed for the costume to be more cute and girly. I completely constructed the beaker headband by using an empty oatmeal canister (head structure), styrofoam balls (eyes), felt (eyeballs, mouth, and face), orange fabric and stuffing (nose), a feather boa (hair), and pipe cleaners that I used to attach the head piece to the head band. For the rest of the costume I dyed an old lab coat, wore tan capris to look like high-waters, dressy shoes, a button-up collared shirt, a tie, and striped christmas socks.

I must say it was a lot of fun being Beaker and a lot of people stopped me and took my picture on Halloween night, I also got a lot of people yelling meep meep. Another awesome part of this costume was it was nice and warm on a cold October night in New England.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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